The nerd in your corner

I'm Carl Tashian, and I'm a
nerd coach in San Francisco.

I’m here to help you develop tools to do your best work, to uncover blind spots, and to take on the challenging project of becoming a more confident and effective leader.

I’ve been involved in technology since high school and have worked in startups for 15 years, as a software engineer in the early years of Zipcar, and more recently as head of engineering and co-founder at Yerdle. I’ve had the sleepless nights and difficult conversations. I’ve had to learn how to maintain my sanity while underwater, and how to make my way back to the surface. I’ve been lucky enough to work with amazing mentors that have shown me how to bring my full humanity into my work as a leader.

Today, I mentor founders at Code for America and Singularity U, and I coach engineering managers at Google, Pivotal, and other technology companies. I’m also an avid meditator, and have seen—firsthand—how important deep self-inquiry and self-awareness is for effective leadership. I want to help you become a better leader, manager, human, and nerd.


“Carl is nothing short of amazing. He is as fluent in technology and software development as he is in the human soul and spirit, an incredibly rare and valuable combination. Carl helps bring a perspective to my work that has helped me grow, progress and solve problems more easily. Working with him has changed my life in the best way possible. I can’t recommend him enough.” - Paul Rush

“Working with Carl helped me see the different modes of thinking I engage in when I’m deep in the code and then scoping projects with teams at work. His patience and insight helped me see I can choose how I want to engage my mind moment to moment” - S.

“Carl’s empathy and experience has made this career transition more manageable. It was really powerful talking through my original motivations for my career in our most recent session.” - William